Introducing ‘Unico,’ the 3-Second Smartbrush Mouthpiece

The common rule-of-thumb is that it should take roughly 2 minutes to properly brush one’s teeth, which pertains to using some elbow grease with a manual toothbrush to the convenience of electric toothbrushes. Now, the Unico, a “smartbrush mouthpiece” as its creators call it, claims that it will clean your teeth in only three seconds. Yes, THREE SECONDS; that’s 2.5% of the old rule-of-thumb’s time!! This sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction!!

The Unico is a mouthpiece containing a large number of tiny brushes and a micropump system that distributes toothpaste. When you put the mouthpiece in your mouth, it cleans all of your teeth at the same time (cutting down time moving a traditional or electric toothbrush around your mouth to each section of teeth one at a time). You’ll even have the option of controlling the brush speed from your smartphone, via a connected app. When you’re done brushing you teeth, you simply place the Unico into it’s dock where it will automatically recharge and kill any bacteria on the mouthpiece using ultraviolet light.

According to an interview with Digital Trends, inventor Nicola Nichele says:

“In our opinion, in the toothbrush industry there has been no real innovation for decades. If you think of electric toothbrushes, for example, you can easily realize that these are only slightly changed from time to time with different types of bristles or slightly different shapes, but there has never been real innovation in terms of time and advantages. We believe that in many areas there are big improvements we can make to make people’s lives easier. We hope this will be only the first of many innovative projects that will help all people to change their habits for the better.”

To be honest, this concept looks very interesting and intriguing, but I’m going to wait and see if the Unico can live up to the how around it before getting one myself. It is currently becoming a huge hit on Kickstarter, where it has raised over $980,000 (waaaaay past its goal of $89,022) with only 3 data remaining on the campaign. If you’re willing to buy into the hype early and pledge cash for a pre-order, it’ll cost you the starting price of 99 euros ($117), and the creators say that Unico will begin shipping in February 2018.

[Thanks Kickstarter & Digital Trends]

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