So, A Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone Exists. We Have Entered the End Times…

Image result for fidget spinner phone chilli

Well, of course THIS is a THING. It turns out that Hong Kong-based Chilli International’s fidget spinner phone has been around for a while. Last week, the device popped-up over on Reddit, but back in September, PhoneRadar released a hands-on video with the device.  The mobile phone comes in six different colors, includes a tiny 1.4-inch screen, includeds a web browser and Bluetooth connectivity, but only comes with 32MB (yes, MEGABYTES) of on-board storage (that’s expandable to 8GB with an SD card). This very is very simple and basic, similar to the feature phones that existed before smartphone took the reigns. The fidget phone is currently priced at $20, and while it’s only sold in India, you can find other versions of it on Amazon.

Since fidget spinners are supposed to help calm people suffering from anxiety, though I feel that fidget cubes work better since you’re constantly actively fidgeting; with the spinner you’re just cycling between minor active activity and massive passive activity. Who knows, maybe this could help during the stress-filled experiences of calling your parents or waiting for that call from the job interview or a crush/significant other. In that case, it doesn’t sound TOO bad at $20…

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