Here’s Shane McMahon Doing MoCap for WWE 2K18…

When it comes to making WWE video games, the in-ring motion capture (MoCap) work is performed by very talented non-WWE wrestlers that learn everyone’s moves and entrances while wearing the motion capture suits. This method allows the actual WWE wrestlers from having to take lots of time out of their already busy schedules to film MoCap work. However, there are some instances when some WWE talent don’t want someone else to bring their moves to the virtual world; Shane McMahon is one of them.

According to Cody Rhodes’ interview with Sam Roberts on his podcast:

“Most of the MoCap guys are pretty well known because it’s the same crew of guys that always goes and does MoCap because it’s great money for them. Whoever did my MoCap watched Stardust’s very first entrance and nothing else because I never did half the stuff ever again. It was funny to watch, like, hey, well, that’s what they used.

“Shane McMahon did his own MoCap! Did you guys know that? Went in and did his own MoCap. Didn’t want someone else doing his moves.

“Yeah, so they get some really talented folks — and really, those guys, they make sure they get their MoCap. They get some very talented folks that know how to do almost everybody’s stuff, and properly, and they execute it and they’ve got all the dots on them and they film it. But Shane put the dots on himself, on his sneaks and everything and did all his own stuff, apparently. He’s Shane McMahon. Just the man.”

We’ve already seen what Shane’s been capable of in the squared-circle against guys like X-Pac, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker & A.J. Styles over the years. If those matches and his dedication and passion for putting in the physical work in MoCap is any indication, I’m interested to see what he can accomplish inside Hell In A Cell against Kevin Owens in a couple of weeks.

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