Meet The K-Boc, the Germ-Killing, Antibacterial Doormat

A recent study from the University of Arizona reveled that almost 500,000 units of bacteria make their home in a new pair of shoes in only two weeks. Even more interesting, these same bacteria can live longer on the shoe’s soles than toilet seats, among many other places. Thankfully, for this issue, there’s a upcoming crowdfunding project that looks to resolve that issue….at least for when you are returning indoors from being outdoors.

Rather than tracking that bacteria through you home via shoes (from you and/or your family, visitors, making multiple trips, etc.), the K-Boc Antibacterial Silver Ion Mat aims to assist in decontaminating the bottoms of your shoes to eliminate those germs before any harm is caused (because over the course of the day, your shoes WILL make contact inside your home). The K-Boc — which measures at the standard size of 30 inches in length and 18 inches in width — contains a soft, yet tight and durable woven fabric made of silver ion threads that removes over 99 percent of illness-causing bacteria just from making physical contact by wiping your shoes on it.

Not only can the woven silver ion fiber threads withstand the elements without shedding, it is also flame-retardant, and they can remain active for about five years before the mat will become your everyday regular doormat before the mat begins to act like a normal doormat. Cleaning the K-Boc mat involves the very simple process of spraying it with soap and hose water will clean it up when it’s dirty with the accumulated visible dirt from people wiping their shoes. For the early-bird price of $39, you can currently pro-order the K-Boc Antibacterial Silver Ion Mat on Kickstarter, but once the product ships in January 2018, its retail price increases to $59.

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