The Nintendo Switch’s Hidden NES Emulator is a Tribute to the late-Satoru Iwata…

A few days ago, dataminers discovered the NES game Golf hidden within the Switch’s firmware. Speculation ranged from it being a bug, a placeholder for the eventual launch of Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, or some hidden Easter egg. In actuality, it’s the last assumption, but it goes a bit deeper than a simple bonus. Members and users of the forum were able to find out the very specific steps needed to get the emulator up and running legitimately. First, your Nintendo Switch console must be on the initial firmware version (1.0.0) and be set to the date of July 11. Why that specific date? Well, in 2015, that was the day that Satoru Iwata passed away and Golf was one of the first titles he worked on.

After doing that, you’ll then have to use your two Joy-Con controllers to recreate Iwata’s pose from all of the Nintendo Direct videos. You can use the video shown at the top of this post for reference, but the pose basically involves you starting with your arms by your waist and then raise them in front of you. As of this point it’s unsure as to why Iwata did this in literally EVERY Nintendo Direct video he was in, however this neat Easter egg is certainly a great way to memorialize and pay tribute to Iwata’s quirky personality.

Also, no I’m not tearing up; someone started chopping onions near me…

[Thanks GoNintendo &]

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