The Oficinas Nexans Chile; A Greatly Lit & Circulated Office Space…

© Aryeh Kornfeld

This commission by Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados and  Ignacio Correa involved the remodeling the offices of Nexans Chile SA, located on the 2nd floor of a 1950s building, located within the southern area of Santiago, Chile.  The offices older configuration, part of the longitudinal direction of the plant, consisted of a central corridor divided two areas of open workstations, including private offices, meeting rooms and bathrooms. The problem: other than the wear-and-tear of age, these spaces were organized against building facades, resulting in the limited illumination of natural light in the work spaces located towards the center area of the plant.

© Aryeh Kornfeld

With those facts of the pre-existing office space known, the design teams aimed to design a space to inspire modern and adequate teamwork and include natural lighting for work spaces and circulation. First, the northern and eastern façade of the building were released to create a gallery that distanced the workstations from direct light, while at the same time determined a circulation area. Second, the meeting rooms are located along the plant’s central axis, thus defining two parallel work areas. Finally, the meeting rooms are longitudinally arranged, while also being intersected by additional circulation areas that allow the combination of other offices, work stations, meeting rooms and more circulation areas.

© Aryeh Kornfeld

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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