Meet the Kodak Printomatic, the Hybrid Instant Camera…

I remember the first camera I ever owned: a Kodak Pocket Instamatic variant, which did INDEED use traditional film, but it was the wide, “B-shaped” type of film cartridge (known as the 110-format) rather than the typical roll of film.  Since then I’ve upgraded to dedicated digital camera (including a Kodak EasyShare) before utilizing my smartphone like most people (I’m using my Google Pixel XL). Today, Kodak is now a name licensed by another company, C+A Global, and they are now introducing the Printomatic, their company’s take on the Polaroid Snap (introduced in 2015).

It probably not a surprise that the Printomatic was designed by the same company that designed the Snap, as both camera’s share a similar form, except that the Photomatic’s optical viewfinder is in the corner, while the Snap’s pops out above the lens. The camera even uses the same type of zero ink (or ZINK) heat-activated, color-crystal, 2 x 3-inch paper, rather than photochemical or inkjet paper. In addition to that, the Printomatic can store 10-megapixel digital copies of your pictures on a MicroSD card.

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C+A Global is going into the market aggressively, and this can be proven by the use of the familiar Kodak name, and the Photomatic’s price: $70.00. At that cost, and the inclusion of a 10-pack of ZINK paper, an microSD memory card and a USB cable. The camera is set for release later this month and is available in gray or yellow.

Image result for kodak printomatic

[Thank You Kodak and Imaging Resource]

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