How Does A Design Firm Build a 1,000-Square-Meter Building in Only a Few Months?

SUMMARY studio answered that question by unveiling its mostly-prefabricated concrete modular building system, after showing its Gomos#1 prototype and and displaying their method at the exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The project, located along a nation road in Vale de Cambra, Portugal, consists of several housing units and multi-functional service spaces, and the client’s demands were: fast, economical, and modifiable-over-time (depending on need) construction. This is based on the Gomos System, which is comprised of  a series of singular reinforced prefabricated concrete modules (gomos) that simply join together, providing a fully livable living space in moments.

One of MANY configurations of the ground floor space…

The project’s design strategy was simply comprised of : 2 different programs on 2 different floors. For instance, the ground floor — in direct access to the public road — contains the flexible multi-functional service spaces, and consists of prefabricated structural panels throughout its perimeter, plus the interior allows for the use of more removable panels to modify the space as needed, while interior gutters allow for water and electricity infrastructures.  The upper floor features the housing units, and is integrally composed of modules of the Gomos System, while using the required empty spaces as separators between the residential units, therefore providing clearly individualized entrances and a complete acoustic separation between the different units.

Courtesy of SUMMARY Studio

The Vale de Cambra has already began it’s construction phases and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. This project is another prime example of this type of architectural approach, one that takes into account the themes of speed of construction, flexibility, and the optimization of resources.

Courtesy of SUMMARY Studio

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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