This is The SparkMaker, a Very Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer…

Let’s go back, kinda-sorta way back, back when 3D printing was just starting to enter into the mainstream. Back then the only 3D printers available for the consumers market utilized a popular technique reffered to as the filament deposition modeling process, or FDM. FDM 3D printing involves a printer feeding a single strand of a plastic filament through a hot nozzle and layer-by-layer carefully deposits the molten plastic onto a build plate, thus creating a 3D object. Despite FDM being the most popular type of 3D printer, recently a newer technology called stereolithography, or SLA, is starting to shake-up the 3D printing market.

One printer making use of this technology is the SparkMaker, which is currently available on Kickstarter for around $145-$160. What makes this so interesting is that the price point in really inexpensive compared to typical SLA 3D printers. Now, stereolithography, or SLA, creates 3D objects via flashing a UV laser up into a pool of photo-reactive resin that hardens as it’s struck by that UV light. This results in 3D printed objects made with much higher precision and higher quality in detail than FDM printers can produce. As a result of that, SLA printers have been darn-near prohibitively expensive for the last few years, and most people haven’t heard of or even had access to them. That is, until now…

SparkMaker makes SLA 3D printing truly affordable!

[Thanks SparkMaster/Kickstarter]

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