‘Night Trap’ Re-release Sparks ‘Night Trap 2’ Development; Work on Sequel to Speed Up After NT1’s Ports are Done

This Friday, the remaster of the classic/infamous full-motion video game Night Trap will be re-released in a limited physical run on August 11 (thanks to developer Screaming Villains & Limited Run Games), while the digital release on PS4 and PC takes place on August 15. Due to the positive feedback of the re-release, its sequel, Night Trap 2, is currently in the very early stages of development as it aims to go into full-speed after the original game’s other remastered ports are finished and released. Another interesting little tid-bit is that the original game director, James Riley, will be heavily involved in the sequel’s development.

The sequel was hinted at in the MyLifeInGaming documentary (above at the 45:55 mark) focusing on the original game’s development by Riley,  so Digital Trends contacted Screaming Villains’ Tyler Hogle to confirm the existence of a Night Trap 2. He told Digital Trends that, “NT2 will happen but still super early right now and I’ll be developing it again.” Hogle also stated since the game is in the very early stages of development that we should not expect to see the game anytime soon.

Related image

Finally, while there are currently no confirmed details on the sequel’s stories and features, Riley suggested in MLiG’s Night Trap documentary that he was interested in adding some virtual reality elements with corresponding 2D and VR modes for the game.

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