Cosplaying Dad Builds Functioning D.Va Mecha For Cosplaying Daughter…

Blizzard’s hit online multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch is fun and awesome. I know it. You know it. Mechanical cosplayer Mike Carambat knows it, as well as his daughter (who is also a cosplayer). Carambat, who goes by retroresource on Reddit, has built a walking D.Va mech. This mech even comes with four thrusters that blow smoke and strobe, that arms move up and down via the controllers, a steering mechanism within the torso, an old electric wheelchair forming the base, and rotating guns rotate that light up in different colors. The mech even features a sound system with D.Va voice-overs, a rear exit hatch  and even a fan to keep the pilot cool.

According to Carambat himself, the mech (in which he began making this past January) cost under $1000 to make. His daughter Amanda will be using this mech for her cosplay as D.Va, which will be at MechaCon in New Orleans this coming weekend and at Dragoncon in Atlanta this September.


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