This Past Tuesday, Half-Life (a 19 YEAR OLD Game) Was Updated for the 1st Time in 4 years…

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Given the lack of attention that Valve gives to the Half-Life game series, it comes to a minor shock when at least ONE HUMAN BEING at the company is keeping an eye on the iconic and legendary 1998 first-person shooter. This past Tuesday, the original game got patched, and before you ask, it looks to have NOTHING to do with Half-Life 3, an announcement of Half-Life 3, or the existence of Half-Life 3. **teardrop** 

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The fixes, if you’re interested, some of the tweaks made to help the game run better on modern hardware include:

  • Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, Inc for reporting this.
  • Fixed crash when loading a specially crafted malformed BSP file. Thanks to Grant Hernandez (@Digital_Cold) for reporting this.
  • Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder. Thanks to Vsevolod Saj for reporting this.
  • Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable. Thanks to Sam Vanheer for reporting this.
  • Fixed crash when setting custom decals

Also, it should be noted that other titles that use the original Half-Life game engine (i.e. the expansions Blue Shift and Opposing Force) have been updated, too.

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