The Charlie Chaplin School Complex in La Courneuve, France gets an Extension

© Charly Broyez

The 2015 extension/addition project at France’s Charlie Chaplin School Complex (of course, named after the legendary classic film actor) involved not only getting a new cafeteria and rec center (while converting the old cafeteria into 4 classrooms), but also a new covered walkway and a courtyard renovation. The design firm SAM architecture, with Boris Schneider and Aurélien Clovis acting as the architects-in-charge, took a rational approach by using basic geometric forms that follow the existing site (in relation to the street, party wall and neighboring building facades) in visually “completing” the complex’s architectural design.

© Charly Broyez

The extension project comprises of vertical concrete forms, framing and furnishings made of LVL beech wood (in order to reduce cross-sections and the amount of wood used), and the complex roof — designed like a hull — also made of LVL beech wood that can adapt the ceiling height based on use and space sizes.  Plus, that roof extends to the façade like a type of concrete netting and frames the new cafeteria’s large bay window. The project also created two vaults increase the volume at the main cafeteria and entrance hall’s wooden platform — acting as the main strategic points — that integrate into a horizontal component.

[Thanks SAM Architecture]


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