Cozmo, Anki’s adorable RC Robot, will spread its cuteness to Canada in July

Look, robotic remote-controlled cars are awesome and they always have been.  Even last fall, Anki released an adorable, palm-sized robot companion names Cozmo for sale in the US. Plus, it didn’t just rolls on its tank treads, it also uses its arm to interact with its surroundings, AND has a built-in camera to recognize you AND your pets. Starting in July, Anki will put the Cozmo on sale in the Great White North (a.k.a., Canada) for $250 CA, and in September, it will be available for purchase in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Nordic countries.

Now, for those of us in the US who got access to purchase Cozmo before everyone else, starting today we can purchase the robot’s $180 Collector’s Edition package.  This version included a the robot, but with a brand new Liquid Metal finish. I know $180 is a bit much for a remote-controlled robot, but it’s SOOOOOOO TOTES ADORRRRRRABLE!!!

[Thanks Anki]

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