Get Ready for ‘Paprium,’ a Brand New Beat-Em-Up Game for the Sega Genesis!

So what if the last game commercially released on the Sega Genesis was the 1998 port of Frogger. That means, if you don’t count other homebrew or indie games (hey there, Pier Solar & the Great Architect), that it has been approximately 19 years since a brand new game has been released on the Genesis. So if you’re like me and have been holding on to Sega’s best-selling console (despite also owning a Retron 5), then we all have Paprium, a nice little Final Fight-inspired beat-em-up game that’s scheduled to come out later this year. Plus, if you’re wondering why I mentioned Pier Solar, this new game is being made by the same company, WaterMelon Games. HUZZAH!

Image result for Paprium

Paprium is set to come with five selectable characters and 24 action-packed levels, as well as some multiplayer action and a 3-slot save state function. According to the game’s description from its trailer, it is set to be the largest Genesis cartridge ever produced at 80-MEG. While you’re at it, check out the website and all of its insane wonder of a wild color scheme and the half-naked Japanese man that literally covers the page. While nowadays we get remakes/re-releases of older, classic games and new games with retro design schemes on modern consoles, sometimes just being able to play a new “retro-style” game on older hardware is a welcome option that really adds to the charm.

Image result for Paprium

[Thanks WaterMelon Games]

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