The Canòdrom is Dear Design Studio turning a Greyhound Stadium into Tech/Startup Offices…

© Aitor Estevez

What do you do when a 1960’s-era Antoni Bonet i Castellana-designed rationalist building that worked as a greyhound stadium track has outlived its use? If you’re Dear Design Studio, you refurbish it into a research park. Dear Design Studio won a competition for their take on the interior design of the building after its 2016 refurbishment, which was likely very impressive since they had to adapt the former greyhound stadium’s facilities into an open, dynamic and flexible space for technology companies and start-ups.

© Aitor Estevez

The main goal of Dear Design Studio was to respect the existing minimal architecture by Bonet with similar minimal intervention. In order to create a pleasant and comfortable space that also contrasts the building’s pre-exisiting steel structure and concrete floors, the Canodròm features the use of warm materials like wood and wwcb acoustic panels to create comfortable and pleasant space. Dear Design was still able to preserve the history of the building’s interior while developing a flexible and dynamic area that serves as a centalized “hub” office to promote user interaction.

© Aitor Estevez

Dear Design further paid respect to the building’s original architect Bonet with their selection of interior furniture. The inclusion of suspension and foot lamps (designed by Dear Design) merge Bonet’s original design of the BKF chair’s two original structures and a flexible fabric skin. The designers even took care to respect the original building’s pre-existing color scheme, from the use of yellow mustard and light blue for the table lamps (also designed by Dear Design), the tables’ metallic structure, and the vinyls on the facade protecting the offices from the natural sunlight.​

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