Exigent Networks Highlight the Expansion of WiFi Hotspot Services in Europe

The Little Island, County Cork, Ireland-based Exigent Networks is a network security solutions company that aims at delivering high quality network connectivity. The company, with offices in Dublin and Birmingham, England, primarily focus on offering network and security infrastructure, IP telephony, microwave wireless, network and systems management and related services to private and public clients. As part of that line of work, it’s a necessity to conduct research related to the market you’re in and the services you offer. According to a detailed research graphic Exigent sent my way, it seems that they are seeing the amount of public wireless hotspots in Europe to more than double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple (and THEN some) within the next 12 months.

Based on Exigent’s research (See the graphic below) from technology articles and reports from the likes of Fortune, Wired and the IT Times, back in 2013, there were 16.8 million public Wi-Fi hotspots available in Europe. Their research also indicates that by 2018, the number of public hotspots would increase by roughly 550% to about 108.7 million. That’s QUITE the increase in only FIVE YEARS, huh? As an American citizen, this comes to little-to-zero surprise from me; Europe has been ahead of the curb with commonplace high-speed internet services compared to the United States. This is reflected by the fact that when you compile a top 10 list for countries with the fastest public WiFi speeds, European countries make up NINE of those ten spots.  In addition to that, the European Union has plans in place to introduce free Wi-Fi to all public places and to introduce widespread 5G Internet in the continent in the near future.

[Thanks Exigent Networks]

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