A Grim Warning from the 1980s About the Black Magic in “Final Fantasy”…

I want to preface this post with a brief look at my background:

  1. I am a Christian with a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and follower of his teachings, especially John 13:34-35, asking us to “love one another as I (Christ) have loved you” and my favorite books in The Bible are Exodus (overcoming external and internal captivity) and Proverbs (a book of wisdom & justice);
  2. I’m a supporter of science and technology (in case you cannot tell by this website’s existence) because I enjoy learning how things work, how things came to be and what could happen next based on research, discovery, experimentation and fact-based evidence resulting from the scientific method;
  3. I’m a consumer of various types of media, ranging from architecture, video games, pro wrestling (in case, well, you know…), books, music, podcasts, comics, board games, etc., and I’d like to think that I have enough of a perspective (based on a combination of parenting, mentorships and experiences) to differentiate between fantasy and reality to make informed decisions.

I say this because there are stories like the one I’m about to mention that tend to grind my gears. Religious fundamentalists utilizing scare tactics toward a growing/popular medium for the sake of self-promotion is nothing new (i.e. Teletubbies, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, reading, yoga, the Jitterbug, Harry Potter, new music genres, skirts, chess, etc.), but this one from the 1980s is especially sad, mainly due to its aforementioned shallow intentions and its resulting unintended hilarity. 

The video above comes to us from 1980s Canada, back when the most serious concern with video games —and how they were “destroying the youth”— was the black magic found in the NES classic, Final Fantasy. Don’t worry; that “unintended hilarity” I mentioned in the last paragraph can be found when this this guy says:

“And once again, it’s about how you can get in touch with your wizard

and ESPECIALLY when he states:

“and they totally understand and are entranced in a world that we know nothing about

This guy kind of drones on for a while, so here’s a clip of the first line so you can listen to it on repeat for your own enjoyment (if that’s your kind of thing). So if you excuse me, I’m going back to play some World of Final Fantasy on my Vita, which is essentially a mash-up of the first Final Fantasy and Pokemon


It’s almost like he doesn’t think anyone can make their own informed decisions, or something like that…

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