WWE Network’s “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” is Everything I Didn’t Know I Wanted…

In a move that, like an RKO, absolutely came outta nowhere, WWE sent out a tweet yesterday announcing a new series on the WWE Network, titled Southpaw Regional Wrestling, .  So far, it looks to be the Network’s first successful stab at scripted comedy.  To be honest, any show with John Cena doing his best Gordon Solie impersonation  — as the character and play-by-play announcer “Lance Catamaran” — ought to be good.

This is the INTENDED fidelity of the video this still is from. No joke…

In the trailer at the top of this post, you’ll also see Handsome Rusev and Lana in cowboy hats, TJ Perkins playing a champion of an old school territory, a fusion of “Classy” Freddie Blassie and The Wizard played by “Y2J” Chris Jericho, promos filmed in front of green-screened crashing waves, and other wacky things from the old era of territorial professional wrestling. Wrestling fans are almost required to have SOME SORT of a sense of humor (because wrestling is strange and funny sometimes), and Southpaw Regional Wrestling sounds like it’s right in my alley. This is especially true because, to me, old-school territorial pro wrestling is actually hilarious to watch; just watch some AWA and Mid-South on the Network to prove my point.

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