Netflix’s New ‘GLOW’ Series Finally Set A Release Date: June 23rd, 2017!

GLOW, Netflix’s reimagining of the ’80s cult-classic professional wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — executive produced by Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan — has finally announced a release date for said series, stating via the above teaser trailer that the ten-episode series debuts on June 23rd, 2017. The show stars Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) as a struggling actress who joins the weekly episodic women’s wrestling television program as her final shot at fame.

Image result for G.L.O.W.: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

The cast also includes comedian Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia, a character described by Deadline as “washed-up Hollywood director who has a very complicated history with women – and now must lead 14 of them on the journey to wrestling stardom.” Other cast members include Khia Stevens (well-known to wrestling fans as Awesome Kong), British singer Kate Nash, Betty Gilpin (Nurse Jackie), Jackie Tohn, Britt Baron, Britney Young (Those Who Can’t), Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood, and Sunita Mani. It should also be noted that former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero helped train the acting talent in the ways of professional wrestling.

Finally, if you’re more into the true story behind the legendary promotion, check out the documentary G.L.O.W.: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, which is about the original series and can be purchased via multiple different streaming services on the movie’s website.

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