Check Out the Progress on Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus #2…

You recall a few years back when news broke of the futuristic design of Apple’s new campus (you know, the one that kinda looks like a spaceship), and we’ve been given trickles of information from the company on a near-monthly basis on the construction progress. Now, thanks to some aerial quadcopter footage (because they ARE NOT DRONES; I don’t care how quick and fancy it sounds) of how far the construction of the “spaceship” campus has come.

Based upon the new footage at the top of this post, the new research and development building now has pavement in front of it with light poles positioned around the building to illuminate said pavement. The main transit tunnel will be receiving a walkway with trees planted around both it and near Apple’s fitness center.

Construction workers used cranes to install more canopies and additional touches for said canopies along the windows on the outside of the main building. According to Apple, roughly 70 percent of all the intended solar panels have been installed, while it seems that the parking garages are finished. Apple is aiming for the construction of the new 2.8-million-square-foot building to be finished this year so about 12,000 employees will start moving in.

[Thanks Digital Trends]

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