BOOS Beach Club Restaurant, the Best Old House & Japanese Origami-Inspired Bar & Grill in Luxembourg

Yup, that title pretty much tells it; there’s more to discuss, though. There now exists a modern and contemporary building with a new and iconic design, replacing the rather older BOOS Beach Club bar and restaurant. The newsest part of the building resembles folded sheets of paper– as it was influenced by Japanese origami art — is actually integrated around the existing triangular-shaped home to exist with the old and open to the local suroundings.

The design team at Metaform Architects sought to preserve the bar/restaurant’s ”beach club” identity by using raw materials — burned wood, raw steel, polished concrete, white sand, and terrace in wood — for the new structure. When put together, these raw materials create the correct character for both the building’s interior and exterior.

A lightweight and easily removable roof system installed assists in leaving the possibility any future changes and additions, if necessary. The design team partially removed a lateral outdoor terrace and replaced it with the a white sand beach, while the rear terrace, was modified to better optimize a stronger connection with the structure as a whole.

Located on the ground floor of the existing house, the design team also refurbished the kitchen and the eating area as par tof the project. They also added a smoking area, fireplace and small dining area underneath the new triangulated structure, and introduced a main zone that’s over 200 m2, which is dedicated to be used as a dance floor around the bar.

[Thanks Dexigner]

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