Tyler Bate, the First WWE United Kingdom Champion

In the WWE United Kingdom Championship Finals this past Sunday afternoon, 19-year-old Tyler Bate defeated Pete Dunne after Bate kicked out of the Bitter End and eventually hit the Tyler Driver 97 to get the pin and become the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.  In my opinion, the entire WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament held this past weekend on the WWE Network has been fantastic from top to bottom, from the first-round to the finals. The network-exclusive presentation showcased so many great talents who were given an opportunity to show their abilities to the world, and every one of them stepped up to make it the event a giant success.

I also cannot give credit alone to the WWE and the UK wrestlers for putting on a pair of awesome shows, but I MUST give credit the active, appreciative, and vocal fans in attendance.  I’m sure that this was exactly the kind WWE was hoping for, and the crowd’s appreciation for the show being performed in front of them jumped straight through my television screen (and sometimes my tablet; thank you WWE Network and based interweb gods). I can only hope that the WWE finds a way to use Tyler Bate and the UK Championship title in a productive and positive way for the upcoming UK-focused WWE Network series, as well as produce more concrete plans on how to feature this championship overseas.

Besides, I know that the boys and girls over at WhatCulture Wrestling are looking forward to the new show, too.


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