FotoJet, an AWESOMELY Simple (& Free) Web-Based Photo Editing Suite

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There exist many photo editing programs, both online-based and offline-based.  In a sea of options, I wanted to see what made PearlMountain Technology Company’s FotoJet a practical online photo editing program. It must be said that it certainly helps to have had some experience with other photo editing products before jumping into any program of that type. Fortunately for newcomers, that won’t apply for FotoJet, as it lets you edit photos, create collages, make photo cards, posters and practically anything else with the greatest of ease, which — in my mind — makes it one of the best free online photo editors/collage maker available today.


First off, using FotoJet is INCREDIBLY easy, but it doesn’t hurt to check out the tutorial on their website. Every feature of FotoJet, including everything about how it works, is explained in detail in the FotoJet Tutorial.   In essence, using FotoJet is as simple as selecting a template, adding your photos, adjusting them into a proper collage, then save them.  You can even share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or Tumblr if you so wish.


FotoJet has a large variety of well-designed templates (ranging from classic to modern to artsy and even 3D ones) to select from. It also allows you to personalize your messages with many effects, pieces of clip art, overlays, frames, and text with complete ease. Speaking of ease, creating a collage or a poster with FotoJet is pretty much a 3-step process; first, you choose a design, then you’ll upload your own photos and have you way in editing and maneuvering them with its simple drag-and-drop interface (with tools like zoom, flip, drag, etc.), and finally you can save (as either a JPEG or PNG image) and share your creation with others on social media.


Here’s the bottom line: I’m very, VERY impressed with FotoJet and I recommend it highly; that’s saying something when it comes to free online photo editing and collage-making programs. While FotoJet’s focus is creating collages of photos, you can make photo cards for an upcoming show or a birthday party, as it’s really easy to design images and make them aesthetically pleasing.

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