Watch the entire ‘Gravity Rush: The Overture Animation’ Anime for FREE!

Before you step back into the world of Gravity Rush, check out this two-part, 17-minute Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~, which takes place between 2012’s Gravity Rush (which was AWESOME on the PS Vita and PS4) and the upcoming Gravity Rush 2 for the PS4.  For players familiar with the franchise’s first physics-defying action title, they’ll recognize series characters Kat and Raven, who are present and star in the animation. Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~ fills in their story following Gravity Rush’s cliffhanger ending.

The company responsible for producing this anime, Studio Khara, is best known for the Rebuild of Evangelion franchise. If you’re waiting for a physical release of this anime, it’ll be included on Blu-ray with a purchase of Gravity Rush 2, which launches on PlayStation 4 on Jan. 20. The Gravity Rush 2 demo is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

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