Finally, Here’s an Internet Security Basics Course for the Whole Family; Just in Time for the Holidays!

Are you planning on spending time with your extended family this holiday season? Are you also the designated computer/techie/gadget-person of the family that EVERYONE tells their computer issues to or asks how to set up their devices? If so — I feel your pain — then you should consider having them take a seat and watch this series of internet security videos.  If fact, you should probably REQUIRE them to watch it.  Courtesy of a security company called Varonis, this course has five in-depth lessons on topics such as: creating a good and secure password, how to know what websites to trust, how to better protect your smartphone, and even a lesson about the internet of things (if they get something like a Nest, WeeMo, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other smart device like those).


The entire video series lasts about an hour and sixteen minutes, which (if you really, REALLY think about it) will be MUCH LESS time than you’ll spend trying to teach an extended family member how to talk to their new smart device. A bonus is that these videos can be broken down to certain topics for the benefit of presenting lessons in quicker, bite-size chunks.  What’s great is that these videos are very basic and easy to share with other family members and even some co-workers.  Hopefully, this will save some the time you spend dealing with the same people about the same tech support questions and instruct them to follow their advice.

So...What Do You Think?

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