Redemption, Thy Name is ‘No Man’s Sky’s’ Foundation Update…

Upon it’s release, No Man’s Sky was a game you either loved or hated, depending on your gaming tastes and your interpretation of the features advertised by the developers (or the gaming media’s assumptions of features not announced by the developers).  Well, on November 25th, Hello Games, the team behind the game that went on radio silence after the game’s release, promised a forthcoming “Foundation Update” for the PC and PS4 versions of the game that would expand and add new features to the title, as well as serve as the first of many free expansions to No Man’s Sky.  The dev team came through with that promise as the Foundation update went live on November 27th.

Base building screenshot

The main feature of the update is base building, as when you find an uninhabited base, you can use modular structures to make it your own. You can also add automated resource farming and storage so you don’t have to traverse planet-to-planet harvesting items AS WELL AS hire aliens to research the locale’s technology and be able to teleport between your space stations. You can also purchase freighters, which are essentially space-borne bases, that you can call upon no matter your location in the galaxy!

Base building items grid

The Foundation Update also introduces two new game modes, Creative and Survival, should you ever want to either remove the main game’s restrictions (Creative mode) or add an extra challenge on hostile worlds (Survival mode). You’ll find new biomes,star-specific resources, new equipment, and new rare goods in the update. Even the game interactive user interface received a face-lift, adding a quick access menu that helps you quickly switch to and interact with items, plus you can now stack more items in a single inventory slot, better see which minerals are close-by, quickly check your objectives and get a nice little heads-up warning when there’s a nearby threat.

Freighter screenshot

Other improvements include enhanced visuals like motion blur and temporal anti-aliasing options (at least on PC), while lower-end PCs can enable texture streaming to lighten the load on their systems. Meanwhile, the PS4 version has added a photo mode so you can preserve the game’s beautiful scenic views. Since this update is the first of many improvements to the game, it seems that the complaints against No Man’s Sky to Hello Games did NOT fall on deaf ears; they made a meaningful effort to work their hands to the bone making the game better and chose not to say anything UNTIL they had answers and results ready. I respect that.

Screenshot of new Motion Blur

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