This 1996 SEGA Game Tester Training Video is Nineties as ALLLLL HECK…

What you see before you (other than this awesome website, is this training video created by SEGA from the year-of-our-Lord 1996.  This 28-minute “trainumentary” with run-of-the-mill “butt rock” and MTV editing that reeks of the 90’s was created for rookie video game testers at Sega of America’s office in Redwood City, California.  The video was recently released to the internet at large by the production company behind it, Green Mill Filmworks.

Image result for sega training video

The video doesn’t shy away from making Sega of America seem like a fairly grueling place to work, with weekly hours ranging from a common 40 to many claims of 90 hours or more. According to then-Lead Tester Dave Dodge:

“We’ve got jocks who are into sports game, we’ve got guys who are in Dungeons & Dragons guilds that are running around throwing dice and playing around with all their friends. It’s never boring around here. You can always find someone with an extremely different background than your own.”

Anyway, this video is SUCH a great watch. Oh SEGA, thank you for being so awesome!

Image result for sega gif

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