Here’s A Spotify Playlist of Songs Full of Architectural Shout-Outs!

It doesn’t take too much time to consider that the artistic value, inspiration, and composition of architecture and music can often intersect one another; you also don’t need to have an awesome friend like Dr. Faye A Hays to tell you that, but it helps. ArchDaily’s sister site ArchDaily Brasil partnered up with Spotify to create a music playlist featuring songs with many references to architecture and urbanism. The songs in the included playlist contain anything from shout-outs to notable cities, iconic buildings and revered architects. In the list you’ll hear anything from David Bowie singing about Philip Johnson (Doc’D, episode 53) to Laurie Anderson referring to Buckminster Fuller and The Beatles acting concerned about their visits to minimalist apartments (hmmm, I smell a sitcommmmmmmmm…..)

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