WWE’s Brock Lesnar Halloween Costume is Scarier Than THE REAL Brock Lesnar…

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We’re practically halfway through October, which means Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes are selling like hotcakes (I swear, I NEVER say that), our North American cousins in Canada are celebrating their Thanksgiving while we Americans have to wait another month-and-a-half, and the Halloween season is in full swing. If you don’t have a costume for your wee wrestling-loving children yet, don’t worry — WWE has you covered. They’ve provided a bevy of costumes, each more uncomfortably terrifying than the last, to make sure that your little munchkins can dress up as their favorite Superstars. Or, well, a significantly more terrifying version. So, enjoy that upcoming options; or just run away screaming, because I wouldn’t blame you…

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