New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World Record Claimed by Only .05 Seconds

It appears that speedrunner Kosmic has shaved off the record time for completing the 1985 NES classic Super Mario Bros. by three frames, according to the above video and tweet he posted earlier this week.  Kosmic earlier stated this past Friday that he beat the Darbian’s then-current world record in Super Mario Bros. by a single frame, but later reserved that claim after detecting a “lag frame” earlier in the run. Kuddos for honesty!

This time, however, he declared on Twitter that there was no lag frame in tis new run and reported a completion time at 4:57.194 and originally streamed his incredible feat via Twitch (again, in the above video). Former world record holder Darbian retweeted Kosmic’s claim to verify. I have zero — that’s Z-E-R-O — doubt that this speedrun race for this classic game will end anytime soon as this world record provides and inspires some very fierce competition.

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