Here’s That Caffeinated Soylent You’ve PROBABLY Heard About…

I can assure you that this Soylent product is in NO WAY people-related.  Anyway, this is called Coffiest, mainly because it’s more coffee-er than the coffee we’re familiar with. This comes from the people at Soylent, known for their delivery service that provides meal-replacing, soy and algal oil-based nutrient products similar to their existing liquid offerings, with a key new addition. While Coffiest is made for the Soylent faithful who want that little extra kick in the morning, it comes with a coffee flavoring of light roast coffee with “a hint of chocolate,” according to Soylent themselves.

Apparently, the added java adds a kick of caffeine to the drink as each bottle contains the equivalent of a 16-ounce cup of coffee. The mixture also includes the amino acid l-theanine, which is said to help reduce caffeine-induced jitters that I know I’M VERY familiar with. Plus, each bottle has 400 calories, which is roughly 20-percent of the recommended daily nutritional requirements, and DOES NOT INCLUDE animal products or byproducts. Twelve bottles of Coffiest come at $37 a month, and is now available through Soylent’s website.

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