‘AdBlock Plus’ Will Now Sell Ads Due to Infinite Supply of Irony…

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Yup, the web browser extension that aimed to strip your browsing experience of intruding and overzealous ads and recently got involved in a back-and-forth with Facebook over said ads, AdBlock Plus is hoping to replace those annoying ads — deemed to be too big, ugly, or intrusive — with better, smaller, subtler (and hopefully LESS intrusive) ads. How, you might ask?

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AdBlock Plus hopes to achieve this by rolling out an ad marketplace, which will allow blogs and other website operators to select “acceptable” ads and place them on their pages. This way, when a visitor using AdBlock Plus comes to the web site, they’ll be shown those these smaller and so-called “acceptable ads,” rather than the usual ads the site would normally run. Before this, AdBlock Plus has a default “whitelisting” of certain approved ads, so that they show up even when users have the blocker turned on.

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AdBlock Plus’ operations and communications director says that this change “allows you to treat the two different ecosystems completely differently and monetize each one, and crucially, monetize the ad blockers on their own terms.” Web publishers will keep 80 percent of all ad revenue from marketplace ads, while the remaining 20 percent will be divided between various other parties involved with serving the ads. Of that total revenue, AdBlock Plus will receive only 6 percent.

[Thanks AdBlock Plus]

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