Nintendo takes down ‘No Mario’s Sky’ fan game; its developer re-uploads it as ‘DMCA’s Sky’

It should just be expected that fan-made games using Nintendo’s IP will get the ol’ DMCA-takedown-claim hammer (leave a comment if you have a more truncated name). Just THIS PAST MONTH, the company has taken down Another Metroid 2 Remake (which I heard is awesome), Pokémon Uranium Version (which I managed to snag ahead of time) and a large number of titles on Game Jolt.  The latest title to get the Nintendo legal team’s attention  is No Mario’s Sky by ASMB Games, an nod to both No Man’s Sky and the Super Mario franchise.

Developed as part of the Ludum Dare 36 game coding competition, No Mario’s Sky combined traditional 2D platforming of the Mario series with procedurally-generated space exploration elements of No Man’s Sky. After the Big ‘N’ took the game down, the developers wasted no time to preserve the project by making several adjustments to their game and re-uploaded it to as DMCA’s Sky. Very clever!

Some of the changes include (and aren’t limited to) replacing coins with green gems, replacing Princess Peach with a character named Princess Mango and several other tweaks to the game’s character sprites. It remains to be seen whether or not these changes are enough to satiate Nintendo’s legal department, however it’s great to see a development team transform a fan game into a sweet passive-aggressive jab at the large corporation that attempted to take it down for good. HUZZAH!

[Thanks DMCA’s Sky & No Mario’s Sky]

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