Here’s ‘Time Twist’, an old Nintendo game with Nazis, Baby Jesus & the KKK…

Yes, you read that right… In this game, you meet a girl, fall in love, have your soul stolen, fight Hitler and get strung up by the KKK. Maybe this is why Nintendo barely promoted the game, gave it a very generic cover and never re-released it. For the sake of comparison, Nintendo re-releases PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING; if you don’t believe me, ask yourself how many times you’ve re-purchased Super Mario Bros. and/or The Legend of Zelda.

Anyway, In 1991, Nintendo published an adventure game developed by Pax Softnica (with music by Star Fox composer Hajime Hirasawa) in Japan for the Famicom Disk System called Time Twist. Not only was it the type of game that Nintendo wouldn’t publish in 2016, but it was also the very last game physically released for the Famicom Disk System (and before you ask, there currently isn’t an English translation).

The crew over at Hardcore Gaming played through it the other day, and say “it seems like they took a look at Nintendo of America’s censorship rules and set out to create a game that broke each and every one of them.” Since the game is a text-based adventure in FULL Japanese, you might want to read HG’s write-up and (maybe) watch some Japanese playthroughs.

I would say something like “now I’ve seen everything,” but I know something else more strange, absurd and bewildering will come up. This is the internet.

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