The General Services Building on Health Sciences Campus, or What Your First Architecture School Project MAY Have Looked Like….

Courtesy of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

The sloping roofs, the plain-yet-elegant exterior, the sharp and angular edges and corners; this reminds me of my first building-based architecture project in the freshman year at Texas A&M. The only difference is that this building by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos in Granada, Spain was professionally designed and expertly programmed in accordance to site and interior usage.  Plus, it was done VERY WELL.  What usage exactly? Well, some of the designated areas of the facility include (but are not limited to) an  Auditorium, Library and Nursery, as well as restaurants and exhibition rooms.

Courtesy of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

The General Services Building’s connectivity to the main campus of the Universidad de Granada showcases the building’s features of a singular, organic form that match the uses of the particular spaces.  For example, the library, museum, cafeteria and other spaces are free and open spaces set on the lower level of the building. This acts as a contrast to the general height of the site that’s delimited by elm plantations. Speaking of the Auditorium, the building’s largest room, has a capacity of 1,000 people and has a multi-functional nature, enabling it to be able to host any type of event.

Courtesy of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Courtesy of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

[Thanks Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos]

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