Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton Wrestled Each Other Only ONCE BEFORE in 2002

Back on July 19th, the WWE held its first Brand Draft since 2011, creating two different and exclusive talent rosters for Raw and SmackDown. However, back on July 7th, a Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton match was announced for this year’s WWE SummerSlam, and what makes this match very interesting is the fact that Lesnar and Orton haven’t worked a televised match together since 2002.  Back in 2002, after the first WWE Brand Extension Draft in April, both superstars were on SmackDown for a brief period of time and first worked a match together on the main roster on September 5th.

However, their time on the same roster didn’t last long. As they debuted on opposite brands in the spring of 2002 and then the same brand at a later time, they eventually separated again by the end of the year. Orton was moved to Raw after returning from a shoulder injury (he has a LOT of those) and was groomed into the rising star of the Evolution faction, while Lesnar continued his reign of terror (often with the WWE Championship in tow) on SmackDown.

You know what? John Cena and the Undertaker haven’t worked a televised match together since 2003 at the WWE Vengeance pay-per-view. I’d love to see that long-time match-in-the-making happen soon.  I mean, Adam Blampied created a great scenario for that, should it happen…

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