Here’s HP’s Powerup Backpack, A Backpack That Can Recharge Your Laptop

One look at HP’s new Powerup Backpack gives the impression that it’s nothing more than a standard backpack, but the truth is that’s just its Clark Kent role; its hidden ‘Last Son of Krypton’-side is the accessory’s main feature.  HP’s $200 Powerup Backpack, can actually recharge a full-size laptop, and that’s due to the massive 22,400mAh battery installed. That much power could allow you to recharge your smartphone 10 times, and it includes ventilated pockets and heat sensors to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

HP Powerup Backpack

If you’re a constant traveler, you may be familiar with the FAA regulations that say that you cannot check or carry-on any battery over 100 watt-hours, however exceptions can be made “with airline approval.” For example, since the Powerup Backpack’s battery is rated at 84 watt-hours, so there shouldn’t be any issues. The HP Powerup Backpack will be available on October 1st, and you can go ahead and preorder on Amazon today.

[Thanks Uncrate and HP via Amazon]

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