Remembering the Ultimate Warrior Getting PWN’D by Undertaker and Jake “The Snake” Roberts…


The Ultimate Warrior is one of the most recognized, energetic, and interesting personalities in the history of professional wrestling. With his shocking passing a mere days after being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame before WrestleMania 30 in 2014 (and rebuilding his bridge with WWE), his legendary career took to new heights. While he has been part of the best (winning the WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6) and worst moments of wrestling history, I wanted to take the time to focus on the two moments in WWE where he was convincingly shown as an underdog (which means the angle with Papa Shango will NOT be discussed; ugh)…

First, back in the summer of 1991 (when I was 6 years old), Ultimate Warrior appeared on Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor segment. Unfortunately, Warrior was never one to bother scouting for danger, made obvious as he walks right by a conspicuous Undertaker-sized coffin. While arguing back-and-forth with Bearer, Undertaker emerges from the Undertaker-sized coffin (surprise, I say sarcastically), attacks Warrior and locks him in another casket, which we’re assured is both inescapable and airtight. This is followed by a group of individuals flailing around to help Warrior and open the casket with any blunt object they can find. Don’t worry, they got him out; which they kinda HAD TO in order for the next story to happen…

This is probably on of my favorite underrated swerves in pro wrestling history. After the Undertaker encounter, Warrior feels that he need extra courage before getting in the ring with The Undertaker, so he asks his “GOOD FRIEND” Jake “The Snake” Roberts to teach him the secrets of the dark side and conquer his fear of it. No problem, right? Right? Riiiiiiight. Roberts has Warrior endure a series of tests and challenges to ensure that he’d be ready for any dark side shenanigans The Undertaker could throw at him. Then one day, Anyways, Jake tells Warrior the answer to all his questions lies in a coffin in the middle of a room full of snakes, but when Warrior opens up that coffin, he discovers that it contains ANOTHER SNAKE, which immediately bites him on the face and the camera blurs out of focus. We later see Jake, Undertaker and Paul Bearer surround him and everything fades to black. Apparently, Warrior never received the childhood lesson that you should “never trust a snake.”

The truth is, while goofy, these scenarios are much better than that…..THING he did with Hogan in WCW….

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