This is Probably The BEST WAY to Erase a Hard Drive…

Even though the U.S. Department of Defense have their recommendations and standards for formatting old drives, this method from YouTube channel __ makes the DOD’s method look amateurish. This method can be called the “Molten Copper Overwrite™,” which ensures total and COMPLETE destruction of the hard disk drive, making it nothing more than an unusable block of metal, or a nice modern art-inspired paper weight. One thing for sure, any ne’er-do-well will never — and The PractitioNERD means NEVER —  be able to get access to the scorched ones and zeros on the disc. What’s even better is that this method also — and unsurprisingly — works on solid state drives, CDs, magnetic tape, people* (like THIS GUY) and portable drives, so NOW I can securely prevent anyone from finding embarrassing high school pictures and assignments from my old ZIP disks…

*Seriously, DO NOT POUR Molten Copper on People; C’mon y’all…

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