Watch this ‘Destiny’ Player Win a 1-vs-3 Match Without Firing A Single Shot

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; BEHOLD, the mighty power of the Titan’s bubbles, brought to you from the good people of Reddit. Anyway, check out this incredible video of Destiny player fimi_sheikh take down an entire Trials team without firing a round from his gun. Explanation after the break:

Here’s what happened: since fimi_sheikh was on the checkpoint and likely would have won if the opposing team had just let him remain standing there, but the other team was left with very little options. Still, that’s not a good enough reason to run up on the lone player one at a time, one after another, using the same strategy that failed time, after time, after time. So think about that as you ride the new Sparrow that Bungie just announced; it’s called the Gjallywing. No joke. Watch the video below.

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