The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura

This house in La Prosperina in Guayaquil, Ecuador was designed and built by Juan Solis Orellana and Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura for a young 30-year-old divorced man with three children (who occasionally visit him). The owner looked at his monthly stipend from the Ecuadorian state and his basic salary, and found it difficult to improve his housing situation. This is because the house he’s lived in for thirty years had encountered physical problems that come with older homes in which time just passed them by. The house rests on a lot 4.80 m wide by 20 m deep given by his grandfather. Given his circumstances, the family decided to raise money in order to improve the house.

With a strategy to recycle some of the existing materials of the existing 4.80 m by 5.50 m of construction (i.e., the sheet metal roof, sanitary facilities, three out of four walls, the bathroom, half the floor made of wooden slats and particle boards) with a limited budget, we started the project. The height of the house was raised in order to improve indoor thermal conditions and increase the volume of heated air to have a good temperature inside most of the day.  The addition of front and side walls made of translucent polycarbonate recycled sheets using natural light in the day, while projecting out interior light at night.

The house was designed to have a single container for all activities: sleeping, eating, socializing, grooming and caring for children when they visit. Secondly was the structure, designed with the same square iron pipes forming a framework that is repeated three times, which contrasts with the horizontal linearity of the roofs of neighboring buildings. At the end of the day, the construction used with local labor, only took six weeks to complete, was finished with the use of color based on unifying the materials of craft blocks, concrete, wood and metal.

(All images courtesy of Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura)


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