How Buying Hefty Bags Can Turn You into John Cena…

Last month, 15-time world champion John Cena had signed a deal to be the new spokesman for Hefty trash bags. This week, that deal became a reality, as Hefty has officially unveiled their new ad campaign, and it’s pretty funny.  Plus, it makes an interesting mythology surrounding the purchase of the Hefty Ultra Strong brand.

Part one of the ad series (above) shows that if you buy Hefty Ultra Strong, you are thus declared hefty. However, if you don’t, you’re declared wimpy (like the classic Hefty ads of old) and represent as Rob Schneider, a.k.a., the OPPOSITE of John Cena.  Part two (below) goes a little deeper in the mythos, stating that after purchasing Hefty Ultra Strong, you’ll ACTUALLY TURN INTO John Cena.

Part three (below) starts with Rob “Whimpy” Schneider already being vanquished, as well as what happens to Cena’s pectoral muscles when you save money buying Hefty brand trash bags. They dance; they dance the night away.  So, what kind of man are you; a Cena or a Schneider?

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