Twitter Feud Leads to Match between Will Ospreay and Big Van Vader!

Just so you know, Will Ospreay and Ricochet had an amazingly athletic and physical match during New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament back in May (highlights in the video above), however there are many detractors who isolated the “overly acrobatic” parts and accused the two of killing the business.  You’d think by now that things have more or less cooled down, but not when Vader is one of the match’s most vocal critics. Keep in mind that Vader is an American wrestler who went to Japan (after being a recurring character on Boy Meets World) and performed quite a few moonsaults himself; that’s right Vader, Pepperidge Farms remembers, as do we wrestling fans…  Well, after Ospreay and Vader went back-and-forth on Twitter, it looks like they’re about to lock horns in the squared circle in English wrestling promotion Revolution Pro pretty soon.

Here’s the announcement, courtesy of Revolution Pro’s Twitter account:

Now it’s time to put the online talk to bed, and get in the ring to settle the score.  Who do you have in this match? The veteran super-heavyweight Vader, or the younger and athletic Will Ospreay? This should be QUITE the entertaining match.

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