Let the WWE Roster Eat Cake (Off The Ground) & Celebrate a Year of ‘UpUpDownDown’

WWE Tag Team Champion and New Day member Xavier Woods (a.k.a. Austin Creed) recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his popular YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown.  Over the course of the year, the channel has featured the WWE Superstars play some of their favorite video games backstage (and we’re still waiting for that Vince McMahon episode).  The video above provides yet another example of UpUpDownDown’s charm of letting us better know the real-life personalities of the wrestlers we see on TV every Monday and Thursday (soon to be Tuesday) night.

Seth Rollins, UUDD’s Madden Champion & Master at Selling Getting Hit by Cake

To celebrate the channel’s momentous occasion, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Tyler Breeze presented Woods with a cake featuring Woods’ catchphrase “keep it tight.” Unsurprisingly, like all cakes that WWE introduce, it ended up on someone’s face — this time Woods — which is interesting considering  The New Day recently did the same thing to Heath Slater a couple of weeks ago on RAW.  After that, Woods tossed the cake right back at Rollins, resulting in the pastry being splattered all over the floor. However, the five-second rule may have been advised, but was completely ignored as even some of the ladies of WWE (JoJo, Summer Rae, and Renee Young, particularly) were fine eating some of that ground cake.


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