This Smart Bottle Opener (Yes, You Read THAT Right) Notifies Your Buddies When You Open a Beer. My God…

OK, I think I’ve had JUST ENOUGH internet for the day… Anyway, this is the “BOx,” a new smart bottle opener that can send text messages to your pals whenever you crack open a bottle. You can share messages to groups of friends through social messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger. The BOx app even features a leaderboard (SERIOUSLY?!?) that includes achievements and awards for unlocking higher levels. Whoa boy…

BOx leaderboard

I’m fairly certain that you’re probably asking yourself, “why would ANYONE want to message other people every time they open a cold one?” Well, you can go right ahead and start asking yourself that and more of those tough questions, especially since the Kickstarter officially started this past Friday before the latest Geek Me Five about LEGO was published here. Jeez, I need a beer…

[Umm, Thanks BOx?]

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