Behold the Best VR-Related Fails to Date…

Remember all the funny injuries and destruction of property that the Wii caused? Well, not the Wii ITSELF, just the people using the Wii Remotes? Anyways, a decade later, everyone has an HD camera in their pocket to record the next generation of game-related injuries, but this time, virtual reality is taking the place of Nintendo’s last generation console. Some will consider this a serious issue (because safety and injuries and all; that’s why legal/safety policies come with these products), but myself, this brings more opportunity for free comedy.

As the Oculus Rift is currently more for sitting and stationary experiences, the HTC Vive tracks both the controllers and the players’ movements throughout their room; the PlayStation VR works similarly. What does that mean exactly? Well, people walking around with their eyes covered by a VR headset while wildly waving heavy controllers often leads to hilarious injuries from developers and consumers alike. Enjoy!

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