The Minimal Simplicity of BAM! Arquitectura’s Casa CG342

(c) Jeremías Thomas

The CG342 House, designed in 2014 by Gonzalo Bardach and Matías Mosquera of BAM! arquitectura with structural designer Pedro Gea, was conceived upon the request of a young professional to be built along a lagoon lot located in a private gated golf community in Belén de Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(c) Jeremías Thomas

Lot limits get blurred with the aforementioned lagoon, and it becomes the site’s inevitable focal point. To enhance usefulness, the firm designed flexible spaces adaptable to the client’s active life within the 160.0 square meter residence, including any future family needs. The design flexibility enables private spaces on the upper floor to be isolated from ground floor public spaces.

(c) Jeremías Thomas

The double-height vertical circulation space that connects both levels fills the space with zenith-based natural light. The volumetric indoor/outdoor interplay dematerializes towards the North-oriented rear, providing a view opening in the main public areas to the lagoon, whereas the more closed South-oriented area offers privacy to the house.

[Thanks BAM! arquitectura]


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