The Diavelo Zeitgeist is a stealthily-disguised Electric Bike; You Couldn’t Tell From Looking at it…

Electric bikes offer the best of both worlds: they provide an electric drive train for that much-needed boost AND retain pedal power for some human-powered propulsion and exercise. However, the major drawback to current e-bikes is their bulky appearance and extra weight from the onboard battery needed for powering the bike. But thanks to Diavelo, that could be a thing of the past…

Diavelo is marketing its Zeitgeist as the first electric bike “you would actually want to be seen riding.” The 2016 model has a sleek, lightweight frame and an integrated battery you can barely see. The 48V high-density lithium-ion battery — similar to the ones Tesla uses — that takes four hours to charge and is built into the frame, a handlebar-mounted wireless controller, a 500-watt rear motor with a Shimano Deore XT-9 drive train, a torque sensor at the cranks that help supply any needed electric power (with a Bluetooth wireless controller on the handle to adjust the power across nine power levels) and monitor performance. You’ll be able to stop power is thanks to Tektro’s Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes and levers as the Schwalbe road slicks on an Alex G6000 double-wall, 36-hole alloy 700c rims gives a nice, smooth Sunday morning ride.

Zeitgeist is currently accepting pre-orders for the Diavelo Zeitgeist via Crowd Supply, and they are offering two models at “early-bird” prices: the $2,999 Zeitgeist S with an aluminum alloy frame, and the $3,999 Zeitgeist X with a lightweight carbon fiber frame that slims the bike down to 44 pounds. I hope you’ve got enough in the penny bank saved up…

[Thanks CrowdSuply and Diavelo]


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