Live Your Dream of Designing Pinball Tables with this Drawable Pinball Machine!

Here in the good ‘ol US-of-A (or ANYWHERE that’s NOT Japan), it’s pretty difficult for pinball machines to compete with the advanced visuals of computer and home gaming consoles. It’s probably safe to say that VR isn’t helping things either, but what MIGHT help is the addition of an interactive element that would let players design their own tables. Enter artists Jérémie Cortial and Roman Miletitch, who’ve found an interesting method to make pinball great (and relevant) again.

You Can Draw Your Own Obstacles and Power-Ups on This Weird Pinball Machine

This is the Flipppaper, a virtual pinball machine the two engineered and built, which features the ability for anyone (with no technical know-how necessary) to draw with a set of four colored markers that define barriers, speed boosters, flippers, and other gameplay obstacles to life in a game of pinball! Here’s what happens: place a piece of paper with a sketch of your table on the machine, then it instantly scans the drawing into a playable game of pinball, which you’ll be able to tweak and edit on the fly! HUZZAH!!

[Thanks to Flippaper via Creative Applications]

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